To be honest:

When you think about balancing being a mom and building a business, you feel like you’re failing at both. Deep down, you’re wondering if it isn’t working because you’re just not good enough. You have great ideas, but you aren’t taking action on them – and then you’re beating yourself up about it. You keep thinking if you could just read the right book or follow through on all these freebies and courses you sign up for, everything will be better. 

In the mean time, you’re letting laundry & urgent client work distract you from the work you need to do to grow this business.. 

Girlfriend, you don’t need another motivational quote, productivity book, or lip gloss. (I mean, I won’t say no to more lip gloss, but we both know you definitely don’t need it.) This entrepreneur life is hard. And yes – that’s what you are: an entrepreneur. Before this, you had a checklist for life: do well in school, get a job, get married, buy a house, have a baby.. & there were guides, advisers, and how-to books for every step. But now, things aren’t so clear and you feel confused and overwhelmed – and sometimes, late at night, totally gripped with panic.

You are not alone. I’m a coach who helps moms build online businesses that actually work. I help you create a clear business plan so you know that all the actions you take are going to make your goals happen, get rid of overwhelm and confusion, and tailor a marketing plan to fit your personality and business so you will actually have a system for finding clients that goes deeper than posting on Instagram, in Facebook groups, and trying FB ads every once in awhile.

Take a deep breath. You will find everything you need right here.

Are you coming? Let’s do this.

How to Get More Clients

What you get at TBH

An experienced coach

Samantha has a master’s degree in counseling, a background in psychology & marketing, and has 3+ years of experience coaching and mentoring women on business, marketing, confidence + motivation. If you’re in the market for a straightforward, no-bullshit coach, you’ve found your home.

Master your mindset

Business and personal development go hand in hand. If you’re struggling with sales, pricing, motivation, goals, time management, or self doubt – the answer is mindset. Samantha teaches a method of mindset shift based in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy that is going to rock your world!

Marketing strategy

In order to succeed in your business, you absolutely need a sales and marketing strategy. Stressing about trying to do it all: social media, content creation, PR? Samantha believes in creating your strategy together based on your strengths and target audience – not a one-size-fits-all formula.

I can certainly say that there is a “Pre-Samantha” and a “Post-Samantha” point in my business. Hiring her was the best thing I could have done.


If I’m being honest, I’ve been in a really dark place in these last few months. This week was the first time in a very long time that I felt inspired and excited about my business! Amy

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wondering how to get visible online?

Sam is AMAZING. Life can be so challenging, and it’s also hard when some weeks there are family things, work things, friend things, health things, all the things. Also, I found myself wanting to talk to someone that had that bff-level comfort, but someone I didn’t know so I’d have a fresh perspective, while not feeling like I was being negative and always venting to my friends or mom. Enter Sam. Rebecca

Working with Samantha as my coach has been an incredible experience. Samantha is endlessly patient, and she finds a way to end every single session on a positive note. Even on my very worst days, I leave my sessions with her feeling relieved and hopeful and armed with a plan for how to tackle whatever obstacle I am facing. I am so grateful for Samantha’s guidance and all the ways she has changed my life! Maria

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