& no, it isn’t to take a shot of tequila!

It seems like everyone’s talking about gratitude these days and it’s almost losing it’s meaning, but as I say about top 40 music, it’s popular for a reason, you guys! Because it’s good!

So here’s my little trick to happiness in 2 mins or less: make a list of 3-5 things you are grateful for.

Yep, that’s it. It’s SO easy, you probably already know it, yet how often do you take the time to do it? Doing this every day when you wake up in the morning or before bed will give you a huge shift in perspective and change.your.life. We get caught up in not feeling like we are enough or like we have enough and the perfect antidote is listing out amazing things we’ve accomplished, things we LOVE about ourselves, and all the incredible people, things, experiences in our lives.

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Are you a perfectionist?

- You're either an amazing success or a total failure, there's no in between.

- You are more likely to quit than risk doing something imperfectly.

- You avoid activities or tasks where you know you won't be good on your first attempt.

- You overthink the point of never saying something.

If this sounds familiar, bad news: Perfectionism might be killing your confidence + holding you back from success.

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