When you’re struggling or feeling some kind of way, you need someone to tell you a specific thing. Sometimes you need to call a friend and ask them to tell you – sometimes you hear it from your life coach.

These are the things I regularly say to my clients, friends, and self.

You’re beautiful. You really are. Maybe you’re not a supermodel (and btw have you seen those pictures where celebrities post their photoshop before and afters? They don’t even look that good!) but when I see you, I see beauty. Maybe it’s your smile, your sparkling eyes, your incredible hair, or the fact that you seem to be the one person on earth with beautiful feet. You’re beautiful.

This is hard and what you’re feeling is totally normal. For those moments when things seem completely overwhelming and you’re freaking out or feeling completely hurt by a situation – but you are worried that maybe you’re overreacting. No. You aren’t. This is hard and what you’re feeling is totally normal.

It’s ok to cry. Sometimes life is hard, tragic, shocking, frustrating, unfair, amazing, beautiful, bittersweet. Crying is an appropriate response to all of it. Don’t fight it, don’t apologize for it, it’s ok to cry.

You’re overthinking this. Take a deep breath. Get some perspective. Let’s talk it out. You’re definitely overthinking this.

Whatever you’re feeling is ok. Sometimes we have emotional reactions that don’t seem to match the situation. Sometimes we feel conflicting emotions – like heartbroken and relieved – about something. Don’t fight it. Get curious, you’ll definitely learn something about yourself. Whatever you’re feeling is ok.

You are enough. I believe everyone is, just because they’re a human being. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of respect. This has to start on the inside – you have to love and respect yourself first. If you don’t, it won’t matter how many people love and respect you, you will never feel it. Just as you are, you are enough.

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