On the first episode of the Badass Mother Podcast, Samantha shares her story and debunks 10 “rules” of motherhood: 

  1. There’s one right way to do motherhood, 
  2. Trust the experts over yourself, 
  3. You can do it all (and should), 
  4. It’s your job to make everyone else happy, 
  5. Your kids should be your everything and you should feel guilty pursuing something else outside of motherhood, 
  6. Your dreams are over, 
  7. Other people’s opinions matter, 
  8. Motherhood is a joy, 
  9. You shouldn’t need a break from your kids, and 
  10. Mom needs to be your primary identity.


  • Samantha’s journey with thinking she’d never have kids and the shift to 3 kids before 30
  • Samantha gets real with the struggles of post-pregnancy
  • Permission to be YOU and debunk the myths of motherhood

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