It’s over halfway through the year but you’re behind where you should be on your goals. Panic time? NO.

Here’s the good news – you still have a good chunk of time to hit your goals for the year. Even if the first two quarters didn’t go as you envisioned they would, you can change everything in the rest of the year with these 3 things:

1️⃣️️️A plan. You have to know where you are going, how you’re going to get there, and what you’ll do when obstacles get in your way (as they inevitably do). Keep this simple, doable, but ambitious, and you will be on the right track! Take the time to make your plan.

2️⃣Accountability. Chances are, you need a little bit of external motivation (check out the 4 Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin!) to accomplish your goals. Accountability is essential to your success, and can take the form of: a business bff, mastermind group, or coach. I personally have found 1:1 coaching to be the single most effective way. Regardless, you need a *personal* connection & to take up some space in someone’s brain, not a course, for this to be activated.

3️⃣The right mindset. You need to work DAILY on your belief that your goal is possible. You need to be committed to figuring out how to reach it – no matter what. The bottom line: if you are trying to grow, you MUST work on your mind.

Ok ladies… let’s go kick ass in the rest of this year!

Are you a perfectionist?

- You're either an amazing success or a total failure, there's no in between.

- You are more likely to quit than risk doing something imperfectly.

- You avoid activities or tasks where you know you won't be good on your first attempt.

- You overthink the point of never saying something.

If this sounds familiar, bad news: Perfectionism might be killing your confidence + holding you back from success.

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