Let's get personal:

I’ve been with my partner, Stuart, for over 13 years. We met in college while studying abroad in the UK. We have 3 kids: two boys & a girl.

I volunteer a lot with causes I care about – right now, it’s as a board member at my kids’ school and as president of the local alumnae chapter of my sorority.

Are you into personality tests? I totally am. I’m an ENFP (MBTI), 7 (Enneagram), #1 Relator (StrengthsFinder).

I love yoga, weightlifting, and hiking, podcasts, reading, writing for my blog and Thought Catalog (sometimes I even do astrology ones, y’all – proud Gemini here), travel, laughing until I snort, and spending time with friends.

My name is Samantha.

…after the show Bewitched. ([email protected], anyone?)

I’m a business consultant + coach for women who are building online businesses. I will help you double your income (or more) by improving your mindset, marketing strategies, and time management.

I know what I'm talking about!

I get it, it’s hard to know if a business coach will really help you, but I’m the real deal. I have a BS in psychology & marketing and an MA in counseling and have taken courses in topics like: leadership, buyer behavior, and motivation.

I’m also not new to the world of coaching. I’ve been coaching women on business growth, goal achievement, confidence, and more since 2013.

I also actually have business experience, being raised by entrepreneurs & starting my first business (selling greeting cards) at age 8. I’ve helped tons of female business owners launch and grow their businesses in addition to launching a few of my own – from home between loads of laundry.


What is coaching like?

Our sessions are like talking to a good friend except it’s all about you + your business. We create a plan to take your biz to the next level and improve your mindset to make it happen.

It’s a judgement free zone where you can relax + be yourself.

Fair warning: I’m tough. Yep, I’ve got pink on the website and I’m a kind person (don’t you dare call me nice or sweet – that’s how you describe people you don’t really know), but I will help you make real change in your life by challenging your BS, excuses, and negative thinking.


ok, how do I sign up?

Get the details on all of my programs here.